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GCU is not JUST a contracting firm. We are a licensed engineering firm in Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee, with professional engineers on staff that are licensed throughout the southeastern United States. GCU was “born in the field” and maintains a unique blend of technical knowledge while possessing a keen understanding of constructibility and how that affects project budgets. It is often said that engineers can make anything work on paper, but bringing that design to life in the field is where we excel. By employing an engineering firm with field expertise, the owner is sure to see a more streamlined project delivery with a significant reduction in change orders.

Field Data Collection

GCU can provide state of the art technologies such as this combined sonar/laser/CCTV profiler, to ensure that the best data is gathered for proper design of the project. After all, a project’s design will only ever be as good as the data and information used to create the design

Infrastructure Evaluation

Our firm has been contracted to investigate and evaluate all types of utility infrastructure. Wether it is mapping storm drains for the DOT or evaluating the mechanical and electrical integrity of sewer lift stations, GCU can answer the call.