Manhole/Wet Well Rehab


GCU has been rehabilitating manhole and wet well structures for over 16 years.  As the sole licensee for the SpectraShield Liner System in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and the Florida Panhandle, GCU has lined thousands of wastewater structures.

US patents have been issued for the SpectraShield Liner System based on the systematic layering of polymer resins that impart structural strength due to its “Stress Skin Panel” effect.  Much in the way the layering of wood in plywood or rubber in a tire, provide a product whose strength together is greater than the sum of its components individually.   In addition, the multiple layers eliminate groundwater intrusion, restore a structure’s profile, and provide a light reflecting, impervious barrier to infiltration penetration.  The installation is done by way of trenchless application, therefore minimizing disruption to the surrounding environment and saving significant costs versus dig-and-replace alternatives.  Just how quickly can your structure be returned to service?

A seven-foot deep manhole can be lined and cured, ready to accept flow, in less than one hour.

Anchorsheild was developed by GCU as a result of many years of experience in using multi-layered liner systems. Today, this anchoring technique is used by all of our crews on all liner installations. See attached details and give us a call to find out more about the AnchorShield advantage.

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The SpectraShield Process

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Structural Capabilities

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Application and Product Performance

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