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Equipment Operator


Theodore, AL
Starting average salary range: 50-60k

Experience required. Must have 2-5 years of experience with underground utilities & heavy equipment

Please read thoroughly!

Under the supervision of a foreman/lead, the Excavator Operator is responsible for operating heavy machinery such as a forklift, backhoes, excavators, dozers, skid steer loaders, track loaders, rubber tire loaders, etc to move earth, rocks and debris on construction sites. The Operator is responsible for lay-outs, fine grading, and completing finishing application and hoisting. Additionally, the operator ensures the equipment is well maintained and operating efficiently.

Roles & Responsibilities
Responsible for Lay-Outs

  • Sets-up and uses a rotating laser to ensure a level grade
  • Sets-up and uses slope laser to ensure a sloping grade

Responsible for Fine Grade:

  • Maintains production with fine grade operation such as placement of rock trucks
  • Ensures proper grade is obtained
  • Determines equipment needed as well as rate of delivery for rock

Completes Trenching & Pit Excavations

  • Controls and maintains lay-out lines during excavation
  • Maintains OSHA standards with benching and slopes during and after operation
  • Determines what type of lay-back or bench is needed for safe working conditions by type of soils
  • Determines a percentage of spoils to remain for backfill if using on-site materials and places in a manner that is free from wet conditions
  • Determines how many spoil trucks will be needed for a continuous flow without trucks stacking up or equipment sitting idle
  • Determines what type of equipment is needed

Completes Finishing Applications & Hoisting

  • Determines what type of equipment is needed to produce the required compaction
  • Exercises the proper method of backfilling in lifts (ex: keep lifts level and consistent for proper compaction)


  • High school diploma or equivalent: MINIMUM three (3) years of related experience and/or training
  • Required to travel weekly
  • Must have the ability to exert heavy physical effort handling average weight objects up to 50 pounds
  • Ability to kneel, stoop, crotch, balance, climb or crawl
  • Ability to maintain balance

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